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MetroWest is a suburb in Orlando, Florida nestled just 13 miles north of Disney World Resort. The community is tucked within a two-acre mixed-use development designed for families looking for homes. The planners made sure to introduce ample amenities and conveniences so that the residents will have everything they need and want within the safe confines of the community.

The community was originally planned for 4,500 residential units, along with 2.5 million square feet of space for retail and commercial units, and six million square feet for offices. There was also space allocated for hotels with a total of around 3,700 rooms.

Downtown Orlando is a bit dense and contains a lot of concrete and metal, but what strikes you about MetroWest is how open it is. You really feel like you are breathing clean air here. The roads are wide and clean, the buildings are not too high to be suffocating, and there is green everywhere. The parks are open to the public and you can see residents relaxing, and enjoying the atmosphere. There is another thing that you will realize about this community, and that is you feel your body clock slowing down to its cadence.

It very near Disney World, Universal Studios, SeaWorld Orlando, and other theme parks. You are also just 15 minutes from the central business district, which means you can go there anytime if you need a change of pace. If you don’t want to bring the car and want to avoid the hassle of parking, commuting is easy with the availability of buses and trains to and from MetroWest.

The schools in MetroWest are highly rated, which means that your children will receive the quality education they deserve. Among the schools here are Windy Ridge K-8, Westpointe Elementary, Flvs Full Time 6-12, Flvs Flex Middle School, and Olympia High School. If your children want to go to college nearby, the University of Central Florida is less than 30 minutes away, while Rollins College in Winter Park is around 20 minutes away.

Orlando has some of the best universities in the country so your kids do not have to travel to another state for their education, which means you can stay somewhat connected with them if you like.

MetroWest Communities

There are approximately nine residential communities that make up the MetroWest neighborhood.  Some of these are:

Fairway Cove – Tucked in S. Hiawassee Rd., the community has 140 single-family unit homes ranging from 1,900 square feet to 4,000 square feet. It is also very near the MetroWest Golf Course, so some of the houses have a great view of the greens.

Stonebridge Lakes – Located along Shallot Dr., the subdivision has 104 townhomes and condominiums. It is near retail shops and other amenities that make your life comfortable. There are also plenty of restaurants where you can order to-go or dine-in if you are too tired to cook. Most of the units here are relatively new as they were constructed from 2003 to 2006. In contrast, some of the subdivisions in MetroWest date back to the 1980s.

Westchester – Located along Picadilly Lane, the community has around 160 housing units, and about 20 of them are fortunate enough to have a view of the waterfront.  The homes here are modest-size, starting from 1,400 square feet to 2,100 square feet. But the community has always been a hot one, as 10-12 housing units are being sold here every year.

Vista Royale — If there is one word to describe this residential community, it would be exclusive. The gated subdivision has less than 70 housing units and most of them are over the 3,000 square feet. You are not too close to the neighbors, but everybody seems to know everybody here, which is a great thing.

Hawksnest — Just northwest of Westpointe Blvd, you will find Hawksnest, which has less than 100 single-family units. It is also surrounded by the golf course. Most of the properties here are over 2,000 square feet with good-sized backyards.

Palma Vista — Palma Vista is the second biggest subdivision in MetroWest with around 190 single-family units. It can be found along Westpointe Blvd. This one is a luxury subdivision where you can routinely find houses 5,000 square feet and up. It is also very near MetroWest Elementary School, which is an advantage if you have students. Palma Vista is one of the most sought-after villages in MetroWest, with a long waiting list of buyers. You can expect a bidding war if an owner lists a property in the market.

Ridgemoore — Sometimes called Ridgemoor, it is a mid-class community in MetroWest with homes selling around the $350,000 range. But it is also common to see million-dollar properties in this village.

Villa Capri — Located along Arnold Palmer Dr., the townhome community has around 190 units with floor areas ranging from 1,400 to 2,000 square feet. You can’t really call them large, but the size could be enough for a couple with two children. It is also perfect for college students or young professionals who work in downtown Orlando.

MetroWest Unit 5 — The residential community is composed of Abingdon Hill, Bardmoor, and St. Andrews with a total of 367 homes.

Moving to MetroWest, FL

The average home prices for MetroWest are around $245,000 with a mean cost of $133 per square foot. The neighborhood has always been viewed by relators as a competitive market. Most homes listed for sale are scooped up in less than a month. A property will also receive multiple offers, which may drive up the price a little.

When you move to MetroWest, you will have professionals, young couples, retirees, business owners, and students for neighbors. Over time, the community grew organically to address all their needs. You will see pop-and-mom stores and hole-in-a-wall restaurants that sell meals that can be hard to find elsewhere. Daycare facilities and pet-sitters offer a break for parents and couples if they wish to enjoy some time without worrying about their children or pets.


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