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Hunter’s Creek is a census-designated neighborhood, which was developed by Genstar Development Company, and can be found in the Orlando-Kissimmee-Sanford metro area.  It has nearly 23,000 residents as of 2018, although the original development was to build 9,300 housing units.

Nestled on a 4,000-acre property off the US Highway 441, the picturesque residential neighborhood attracts mostly professionals and young families who have moved on from starter homes and are looking for more permanent homes.

One of the advantages of moving to Hunter’s Creek is the above-average educational system. The schools in the community are among Florida’s best. Here you will find Endeavor Elementary School, Hunter’s Creek Elementary School, John Young Elementary School, and West Creek. For secondary and middle schools, there is Hunter’s Creek Middle School or Freedom Middle School. The latter also has its high school program.

Things to Do in Hunter’s Creek, FL

 Hunter’s Creek has something for everybody. The neighborhood itself is wrapped around a 7,000-acre golf course, just 15 minutes away from the Orland International Airport. The golf course, featuring TifEagle greens and Bermuda fairways, snakes around 13 Lakes, providing a unique experience for amateurs and professionals alike.

For outdoor enthusiasts, they can enjoy the Shingle Creek Trail, which can be found behind Hunter’s Creek Middle School. You can walk or bike along four miles of dirt roads. Alternatively, you can hike across three miles of trails and spot plenty of wildlife along the way. You can bring your own food as there are picnic shelters around the reserve park.

Also, the neighborhood sits just nine miles east of Disney World, which is excellent news for families with young kids and the young at heart. If you are looking for an inexpensive outing, you do not have to spend a dime for your kids to enjoy themselves in Hunter’s Creek. The community has several parks and playgrounds to help your children burn off their excess energy and stay occupied.

If you have pets, you will love Hunter’s Creek. When you go around the neighborhood, you see young professionals jogging with their dogs or children playing at the park with their pets. The streets are clean and the sidewalks are unobstructed, which is great for the safety of young children heading off to school.

The residents also look out after each other and they are quick to alert the police if they suspect something. As a result, Hunter’s Creek is one of the safest suburbs around. The streets are well-lit and parking spots around Hunter’s Creek are relatively easy to find. Nevertheless, public transportation is also available if you do choose to use it.


If you are looking for a luxury apartment, then Arium Hunter’s Creek is the place for you. The interiors are top-notch and each housing unit features a fully equipped gourmet kitchen that features custom cabinets. The community is gated with twin pools, a fitness center, and a club room.

If you want to stick to a budget, you can opt for apartment homes at The Parks. Unlike other apartment complexes outside of the suburb, however, this one features a 40-seater movie theater. The development started in 1998 and countless tenants have moved in and moved out since then. Not surprisingly, many of the former tenants simply found another property within Hunter’s Creek because they loved the place so much.

Golfview Condominiums, meanwhile, is the first condo development in the neighborhood. There are 240 units in the building, although most of them are occupied. One of the selling points of the property is its proximity to the Target Shopping Center.

Calabay Cove is another gated community with 104 homes. The neighborhood is located in a property surrounded by ponds, lakes, and woods. There are even two fountains you can see in the lakes, which light up at night.

Falcon Pointe is one of the largest communities in Hunter’s Creek. Residents enjoy fishing and boating on two large lakes and three smaller ponds. You can also find within the neighborhood Mallard Pointe Park, which has amenities for basketball, tennis, paved trails, and a kiddie park. It is also very near schools like Hunter’s Creek Middle School, Endeavor Elementary School, and Creek High School.

If you like golfing then Devlin Green is for you. This gated community features 151 housing units and is surrounded by a golf course and lakes. The long entranceway from the gate is sandwiched by two ponds. It is so close to the golf course, in fact, that there is a golf cart pathway that cuts through the entrance from the 15th hole to the 16th hole.

If you love your history, then you can look for homes in Timucua Village. The architectural designs are a blend of the Caribbean and European, so expect to find columns on some of the houses. The properties feature large yards with manicured lawns and mature trees that dot the wide streets.

Moving to Hunter’s Creek, FL

 Hunter’s Creek is one of the most sought-after neighborhoods in Florida. As expected, real estate prices increase every year by about two percent. For now, the median housing price is around $323,796, which is higher than the average in Orlando and in the state. The price per square foot in the neighborhood runs around $162, which is actually lower than in Orlando. That means that you get a larger home in this neighborhood compared to Orlando.

There are many amenities and conveniences within a short 5-15 minute commute. There is the Hunter’s Creek Shopping Center at the Town Center Boulevard, which features a variety of retail shops, grocery, designer items, and restaurants. There is also a Target for shopping. There are movie theaters like Regal The Loop & RPX, Touchstar Cinemas at Southchase 7, and an outdoor cinema at Partyflix Orlando, which is perfect for kids. The neighborhood is a well-thought-out development as just about every amenity you can think of is readily available.


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