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This town lives up to its name as it is a remarkable place to live. In terms of history, Celebration is a relatively young community, but it has strong ties to the Happiest Place on Earth. It owes its origins to the Disney Development Company who poured in $2.5 billion to develop about 5,000 acres of land (that forms part of the Reedy Creek Development District) in the 1990s. Today, however, Disney’s ownership is limited to some tracts of land on Celebration Boulevard, as well as the golf course and the downtown area. But for administration purposes, Celebration belongs to Kissimmee and Osceola County.

Since it was meant to be Disney’s dream town, you can clearly see Disney’s influence on the architecture and layout of roads when you go around the town. The first residential development here was built in the summer of 1996 and that was when Celebration Village, Lake Evalyn, and West Village were first established. Pretty soon, North, South, and East Villages, as well as the Aquila Reserve, followed suit.

Unfortunately, the misconception of the ownership of the town has triggered mythology about your house reverting back to Disney at a certain point. The truth is when you buy your home in Celebration, you own your house until you sell it to somebody else, just like any other place in the United States.

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 The town lies just seven miles from Walt Disney World so you can drive there in under 10 minutes anytime you like. While you can’t live inside the Happiest Place on Earth, this town is probably the next best thing. Celebration is also a stone’s throw away from Old Town in Kissimme, which is patterned after a classic community in Florida.

The nerve center of Celebration is the Town Center. Walk along the boulevard and you sometimes have to pinch yourself. While there are plenty of restaurants, retail shops, convenience stores, and apartments, the area seems like it’s frozen in time and reminds you of a more innocent age in the 1950s. The architectural designs and the art deco are seemingly lifted from a movie set. But there is nothing fake about it. In fact, it evokes something familiar. The area is perfect for walking around, it’s clean, scenic and a joy to be in.

The streets are very clean and this community is well maintained and takes a lot of pride in it’s appearance. The residents are welcoming and friendly to strangers. Those who have decided to settle in the neighborhood often say that it felt like coming home. Indeed, the familiar feeling the town evokes sometimes triggers a strong emotion–like you have been here before. Celebration is magical like that.

The Town Center also has plenty of restaurants and one of the most popular is Columbia Restaurant, which features Cuban cuisine. Make sure to order the 1908 Salad when you are there. If you like more of the traditional cuisine, there is the Celebration Town Tavern, where you can order a beer and good old burger and fries. Many of the restaurants have outdoor dining, which allows you to soak in the Florida sun while you watch the world go by.

Real Estate Profile

 If you are on a lookout for a home here, Celebration features a mix of single-unit homes, multiple bedroom houses, condos, cookie-cutter developments, and estate-style mansions. Mature trees dotting its streets, as well as the manicured lawns, are prominent in most neighborhoods.

Celebration Village is the pioneer neighborhood, and since it also covers the downtown area, you are right where the action is. For now, the choices are limited to condos or apartment units, although you are very near the amenities like the Lakeside Park, library, basketball courts, and schools.

For cottage homes, you can look around Lake Evalyn. The neighborhood boasts of garden homes and lake views.  Lake Evalyn mostly features midsize homes that are competitively priced.  If you are interested in condos and bungalows, then the South Village and Roseville Corner are perfect for you. The latter’s name is derived from the rose bushes that adorn the community.

The East Village features condominiums and townhouses and it is a nice place to raise a family since the neighborhood is kid- and pet-friendly.  It has an excellent and well-maintained playground, for instance, which is a godsend for parents with toddlers and small kids.

If you are looking for grand estates and manor homes, then Aquila Reserve is your best choice. The neighborhood has no condominium development and features a more exclusive atmosphere. There are plenty of wooded areas that act as your backyard and you are a comfortable distance from the downtown area.

Artisan Park is one of the few villages not developed by The Celebration Company. The neighborhood borders Celebration Avenue and it features over 300 single-family units and 300 condos, as well as 50 townhomes. If you live here, you have access to the pool and the clubhouse.

The median value of homes in Celebration, FL is $392,378, which is higher than in Orlando or the average housing cost in the entire state of Florida. Naturally, villas are the most expensive and they will cost you upwards of $600,000 and a good number of them are well over a million dollars. If you are looking on a budget, then you can ask a real estate agent to help you look for a townhome, terrace home, or condo.

The town is the very illustration of the phrase, “you get what you pay for.” The benefits of living here far outweigh the disadvantages, just ask the residents.

 Celebration consistently ranks in the list of America’s prettiest towns. You have to see it yourself to get the whole picture, but after reading this, you’re probably starting to realize why people are captivated by its charm.

 Come join the celebration and enjoy an extended stay in this kingdom.

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